Manley Timber Frame

Manley is one of Ireland’s leading building contractors. Established in 1987, it provides high quality buildings at affordable prices. In our Timber Frame business, our mission is to build energy efficient homes for Irish home-owners while at the same time helping to lower our environment’s CO2 emissions. Our services are fast, efficient, reliable and friendly. We have resources, expertise and commitment to deliver on time and on budget, to the most exacting standards, whatever the challenge. With a well trained, motivated workforce, we source far and wide for the highest quality and best value materials. Our reputation for supplying high quality Timber Frame buildings is unsurpassed in the industry.

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Why Use Manley Timber Frame Homes?

  1. Manley Construction have over 20 years experience in the house building industry.
  2. A design service that covers all aspects from foundation to roof.
  3. A market leader in Timber Frame manufacture.
  4. We use the latest technology in the design and manufacture process.
  5. Our in house energy rating assessors and designers will advise on modern installations and best practice to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and savings in your new home.
  6. We only use high quality material incorporating the most current material technology.
  7. All Timber Frame products are (NSAI) National Standard Authority of Ireland certified.
  8. A quality product with manufacturing carried out in a controlled factory environment.
  9. Professional, experienced and certified site erection teams.
  10. We manufacture and delivery to site 7 weeks from date of order and design agreement.

Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame is an ancient method of building that has evolved into an advanced technology for the modern age. It is the fastest growing method of construction in Ireland, simply because it is a tested and proven quality product with strong environmental and overall sustainability credentials. Timber Frame can be explained using three words: Faster, Smarter and Greener.

What you get with a Manley Timber Framed Home

  1. Houses and can cut down a heating bill by up to 40%.
  2. Timber Frame buildings are engineered to a high level of accuracy and quality.
  3. Timber Frame buildings meet and often exceeds all current building regulations with regard to fire, acoustic and thermal qualities.
  4. CO2 consumptions and emissions are kept to a minimum thus reducing the carbon foot print of the build.
  5. They can be constructed quickly with average construction time cut by 30-40%.
  6. Timber Frame buildings can be clad with many different materials including brick, block, timber, cement board or stone.

Building Energy Rating Certificate

All new dwellings submitted for planning will require a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate before they are offered for sale or rent. A BER certificate is an energy rating for a building, similar to those provided on electrical appliances. Be assured that your new Timber Frame home will achieve a high energy rating as we use an extensive range of products and services with energy efficiency in mind. A BER certificate will be issued to you upon completion. Download the Manley Timber Frame brochure here.

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