Corporate Social Responsibility

At Manley we believe that successful companies recognise their obligation to give back to all stakeholders. We are committed to running our business in an ethical, sustainable and safe way.  Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy enables us to maximise our economic and social contributions while improving our environmental performance.  Our CSR policy is built upon the Manley Construction company values (SPECS):

Safety - People - Ethical - Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Sustainability


There is a strong commitment from the Board of Management in regards to H&S. The company always does everything reasonably practicable to ensure we provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff, and aim to totally eliminate injuries and accidents at all times for all our stakeholders. 


As a fully inclusive organisation we do not accept or condone any forms of discrimination. We are fully committed to our people and recognise them as a greatest asset.  By developing people, we are in a position to ensure our staff have the skills to provide the highest quality work to our clients.


We are an extremely ethical and credible organisation which has been built on nearly 35 years of strong family values. Manley is proud of our sustainable model. We strive to achieve economic growth whilst caring for the environment and maintaining a high degree of social responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Our 35-year success has been built on our reputation and our ability to retain clients. We have developed long term relationships with our client and project teams by our ability to exceed expectation and deliver projects on time and on budget. 


We regard sustainability as an essential requirement to the operation of our business. We are committed to ensuring our business is carried out in a manner which protects the environment of our clients, employees, sub-contractors and the communities in which we all work.